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Swiftstream Sexuality Consultation

As part of our mission to help all sexual minorities, especially MAPs, *ASAP now offers the services of a sexuality consultant through the SwiftStream program.

Our sexuality consultant is able to offer weekly sessions in which individuals can explore and understand their sexual attractions and identity. We offer completely private, anonymous services at a competitive rate. Sessions are virtual or over-the-phone, allowing practically anyone to enroll in the Swiftstream program.

While you can find more details below, if you're interested schedule an initial consultation where you can learn more about the program, meet our sexuality consultant, and schedule a weekly session.

What to Expect

Our trained sexuality consultant will be able to help you:

  1. Identify your sexuality and identity concerns
  2. Establish both short and long term goals
  3. Explore potential methods and approaches to achieve your goals
  4. Create a consultation plan made of points of interest you determine
  5. Stay motivated towards your goals and aid the process of self-discovery

Sexuality consultation is distinct from traditional mental health counseling, as the issues being addressed are sexual in nature. In the initial consultation, which you can schedule here, we will provide a necessary referral to mental health or substance abuse resources should we find your concerns require a higher level of care.

No matter what, we'll make sure you find the support you need.

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Privacy & Anonymity

Our services are completely anonymous, which means we do not collect or record any identifying information. Identifying information includes your name, address, phone number, and insurance information. We do not accept any insurance as a consequence.

We have clients use Wickr Me as a secure way to both message our consultant and conduct weekly calls. Wickr does not require any identifying information to sign up for, is completely free, and utilizes end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy. Find more information here, at wickr.com/me/

Schedule an Initial Consultation

There is only so much we can cover here. If you're interested in the program or have questions, schedule an initial consultation where you can meet our sexuality consultant and discover more.