Professionals: $50
2.5 CE Psychology credits available via Continuing Excellence, LLC additional $25

Students: $20

includes breakfast bar and lunch


Monday May 3, 2021

8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Tampa, FL.

venue TBA

Monday May 3, 2021 - "Making Sense of Non-Offending Pedophiles"

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I want to add 2.5 CE Psychology credits available via Continuing Excellence, LLC for an additional $25:

Please Note: ASAP is acting in good faith to make available the CE's being offered however be aware that the ability to process and deliver the CE's is not guaranteed as the issuer Continuing Excellence, LLC holds right of refusal up and until the completion of the workshop. The responsibility of issuance of any CE's, if applicable, is Continuing Excellence, LLC's alone and ASAP only is acting as agent to collect the CE fees. All fees are nonrefundable except if Continuing Excellence LLC does not deliver the CE's, for whatever reason, or ASAP cannot find another accredited issuer. In those cases requiring a refund of CE fees ASAP will refund both the CE fees and the registration fees.

Due to to Covid-19 ASAP is offering a virtual option for this workshop. However at this time only all virtual attendance is sold out and we are only registering for in-person/at the venue attendees.

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