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ASAP Mental Health Providers Referrals

When you consider: "Happy and Mentally Healthy People do not Molest Children" then why would make it hard for folks like pedophiles to find and receive whatever mental health services they want or need.

ASAP's mission is the prevention of child sexual abuse. We believe the best way to do this is not interdiction but real prevention.

ASAP referrals are lifelines for some people and are invisible shields of compassion and reason for the children. It is just a matter of where some of the ASAP staff exist in the Virtuous Pedophile community that we get requests for therapist referrals and other MHC issues on a daily basis. Our constituency has come to rely on ASAP for mental health advocacy. They are afraid - and rightly so - that even though they are non-offending if they discuss their sexuality with ANY therapist then at the very least they will be outed in their world. So if not for any other population, ASAP fills a tremendous needs gap.

If you are already a member of ASAP and one of our qualified MHC professionals we want to say thank you in joining in the fight. If you are not read on and learn more about ASAP referrals

non-offending pedophiles/MAPs

Important Note:

ASAP does not control how these therapists work.

All therapists use different approaches and techniques. There is not enough research with non-offending pedophiles to know which ones are most effective.