ASAP Mission - History


By recognizing that non-offending - or virtuous - pedophiles are not enemies but instead important allies in the challenge to prevent childhood sexual abuse we finally can see a means to an end. Not all but some MAPs seek help to stay healthy and non-offending. If we truly care about childhood sexual abuse prevention then is it not of paramount importance to help them in any way we can? ASAP has no prejudice against pedophiles and other MAPs whatssoever. Helping non-offending pedophiles and defending children from sexual abuse is a partnership that is long overdue. Only society's continuing vilification of pedophiles and disdain for the subject matter is preventing us from success. ASAP is dedicated to putting the impediments behind us and to continue in a forward motion.

ASAP Goals and Objectives:

Above all else ASAP is established to assist non-offending pedophiles in finding all the therapy they want or need

  1. Prevent child sexual abuse
    Make therapy accessible to people with pedophilia before they abuse a child
  2. Educate therapists and the public
    Develop a website
    Provide workshops
  3. Connect non-offending pedophiles with therapists
    Develop practice guidelines
    Develop a list of therapists
    Refer clients to MAP-friendly therapists
  4. Obtain funding for treatment programs
    Write grants
    Accept donations
  5. Research the risk of sexual interaction
    Conduct research with participants
    Develop the Sexual Abuse Risk Assessment
  6. Stop the vilification and remove the stigma by
    Speaking to the public
Our History

The Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention (ASAP) was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Oregon on March 4, 2015 by Tabitha Abel, Todd Cooper, and Gary Gibson. Its purpose is to promote the primary prevention of child sexual abuse through public health education and by helping people with pedophilia find appropriate therapy prior to an offense. On May 1, 2015, ASAP received tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions are deductible in the United States under section 170 of the tax code. Please make your tax deductable donations here

Started in June of 2020 ASAP embarked on a major expansion. After meeting and accepting new volunteer staff, we started with an upgrade and facelift to our original website. Perhaps most profound is that we began development of a Therapist Database. This will allow us to do a better job at suppying our clients - those non-offending MAPs that seek our assistance - with the qualified therapy referrals they seek. This improvement will also expand our pool of mental healthcare providers. A new search UI will provide better, quicker access for our clients. All our therapists will have the option to administer their listings and account settings through individual, secure back-ends. ETA is August 2020.

Term: Virtuous - adjective
"archaic for chaste or celibate"

Virtuous Pedophiles are not necessarily celibate at all, just celibate from their sexual orientation. Many many non-offending MAPs are non-exclusive and have wonderful lives with partners and marriages and yes, children. It is all about learning to live "virtuous" so they say at Virtuous Pedophiles

A Unique Partnership for the benefit of all

Not all therapists are created equal. And not all are at all qualified or ready for the challenges of when their patients tell them about sexual attractions to children. ASAP partners with MHCPs qualified in this unique area in order to best serve the patient - the non-offending pedophile/MAP - and society. Because...

"Happy and mentally healthy people (period) simply do not harm little children" - Robert Hillman, president ASAP international

Not every VP/VMAP needs therapy to live fulfilling, happy lives celibate from their sexual orientation. However some of us do. And those that need or want some sort of mental health care deserve it as much as anyone else in society. Above all else ASAP is here to provide whatever MHCP referrals we can and advise all our clients on the right questions to ask before you hire any therapist.

Did you know it is hard for a pedophile to find therapy? Certainly here in the US, but all around the world as well? How does that protect our children or in any way benefit anyone? It doesn't. That is where ASAP steps in. All we ask from the general public is please just let us help protect the children.