Who We Are - Core Values

Term: MAP - Acronym for Minor Attracted Person
"often preferred self-describing term over pedophile due to vilification and stigma"

Who We Are

The Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention (ASAP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the primary prevention of child sexual abuse. ASAP brings together mental health professionals and individuals who are sexually attracted to children. The organization provides public health education, while members provide support for non-offending minor attracted persons (MAPs) who want to avoid acting on their attraction to children.

ASAP Core Values:

  1. An adult should never sexually interact with a child.
  2. MAPs do not choose to be attracted to children, but they can choose to refrain from acting on the attraction.
  3. Therapy does not change a person's sexual orientation, but it can help a person accept his or her attraction to children without acting on it.
Prevention through Compassion

This Website is dedicated to MAPs and mental health professionals who want to help MAPs live a fulfilling and law-abiding life.

Please Help ASAP reach out and give help to any pedophile/MAP that wants or needs assistance.

We depend on your donations to maintain all ASAP programs and projects.

ASAP Staff

*The childhood sexual abuse prevention programs ASAP provides are only possible with the assistance of courageous and compassionate people many of who are themselves non-offending pedophiles/MAPs. Therefore, due to society's persistent vilification and ignorance of pedophiles and pedophilia in general, and in order for them to connect with those ASAP clients that need help becoming or remaining non-offending, these wonderful volunteers must stay anonymous.

Robert Hillman - President, Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention

Robert Hillman

President and Director

James Jordan - Secretary, Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention

James Jordan


Brendan McWilliams - Volunteer Coordinator, Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention

Brendan McWilliams

Development Coordinator

Anonymous MAPs and Non-MAPs - Volunteers, Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention

Anonymous MAPs and Non-MAPs

Volunteer Office and Helpline Staff

Gary Gibson - Founder, Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention

Gary Gibson


Tabitha Abel - Founder, Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention

Dr. Tabitha Abel PhD