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Over the past five years ASAP has hosted four workshops to help mental health professionals learn better ways to respond to minor attracted persons (MAPs), with a mix of up to ten from each group. The professionals who attended were often already aware of the basic facts that not all offenders are pedophiles and not all pedophiles are offenders. They admired the courage of the MAPs who chose to identify themselves, often coming out for the first time. Although it was not intended to be therapy, many MAPs said it was therapeutic to meet others like themselves.

Direct Interaction with MAPs

ASAP workshops are a chance for professionals to get one-on-one time with non-offending - virtuous - pedophiles/MAPs outside the clinical setting. This promotes a greater level of connection and thus understanding all in order to help learn to best serve our clients.

  • Access to vital information
  • First hand real life experience
  • Role Play Exercises

Training and Qualification

Workshops include scheduled presentations and

  • Expert Presenters
  • Experienced Clinicians
  • Group Discussions
  • Networking opportunity
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2021 Fall Workshop

Toronto, CA - Friday 8th - one day worshop

We can let you know as soon as we know

Past Workshops

2021 Spring Workshop

Effective Treatment Methodologies for Non-Offending Pedophiles and Consequent Benefits to Society

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Spring Workshop 2021

spring workshop ASAP

A Successful Event

We held the workshop in Tampa. This was the first time *ASAP used online meeting technology, along with in-house presenters, remote presenters, and other technical challenges to stage the event. It was a real team effort. Still it all seemed to flow smoothly without interruptions or other technical glitches. Being the first time *ASAP held a workshop using online technology the attendance was necessarily restricted, and we sadly had a turn more than a few people away. We hope that at the next workshop we will not have to impose the same cautious limits. That's the plan anyhow.

Many thanks again to our keynote speaker David Prescott. Of course we also had a wonderful presentation on how B4Uact "vets" the therapist on their list. And a special shout out to Jeremy Malcolm of Prostasia for not only acting as our broadcast director and A/V specialist, he gave a great talk on Prostasia's current effort to counter-balance societies latest self-harming trend of outlawing non-pornographic outlet for pedophiles sexual urges. Very interesting.

Of course these workshops are about the MAPs (minor attracted people) and several non-offending pedophiles/MAPs volunteered to give some of their journeys and especially relating to attempts to find "qualified" therapeutic options. We kept these persons' identities anonymous, for reasons we don't need to mention, but these presentations were brave and heartfelt, and again Kudos to all the wonderful MAPs that gave us their stories.

Not to mention that the venue was very accomodating and Clearwater Beach was beautiful. These events cannot happen without the hard, unending work of the *ASAP founders Gary Gibson and Tabitha Abel whom we know are appreciated and loved.

The next workshop for the fall is being discussed even now. If you want to be notified once registration is open just drop your name and email in the form above.

Fall Workshop 2021 in Toronto

fall workshop ASAP

Cooperation was the Key

This time, working with so many different groups, individuals, and institutions was the challenge to overcome. Even though our Gary Gibson had left the board of directors he stayed on as event coordinator, and thank the Gods for that. While we had hoped this time we would not have as many Covid restrictions, the event was set up to be held at the CAMH, and that is a hospital... so in the end we faced some new, challenging restrictions. At the top of that list was in-house - at the CAMH presentation hall - we were restricted to having only 10 people in on the grounds. But again, Gary Gibson found a way to pull it off. Thanks Again.

We are so grateful for our keynote speaker Ainslie Heasman and who gave us our workshop title and theme, "Talking for Change". I encourage everyone to visit: Talking for Change website. Her presentations were extremely poigneant and ASAP agrees with the idea that now is the time to begin a serious discussion about the role non-offending pedophiles can play in the true provention of childhood sexual abuse.

Amongst our illustrious line up, noted expert Dr. James Cantor gave us both a presentation and an Q & A session later in the day. We thank him and all our speakers this time for their generous assistance in furthering ASAP's, and the non-offending community, goals to educate the therapeutic community. It is why we hold these workshops.

ASAP is pleased also to thank some 20 non-offending pedophiles/MAPs that were in attendance, either on-site or on-line. A prominent feature of all ASAP workshops is we provide a forum where professionals can meet actual NOMAPs in person

Canada and its therapeutic community are all great allies

Rememberyou don't ever have to hurt a child

ASAP can help you with a number of options to help you not offend