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You don't need a PayPal account any card will work. It is easy, fast and you can even setup monthly recurring donations if you like

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Of course, the simple ways are still find with us. Just refer to our contact page for information how to get in touch with us and for our address.

The Need is Great

The online database and the Helpline are just the start. There exists many many valuable initiatives that would each help the mission of protecting children from abuse and helping non-offending pedophiles/MAPs find mental healthcare services. And even the online database and the Helpline already need upgrades. We need your help to buy us time. We need to not just improve and expand but to simply keep us up and running. ASAP operates on a very small budget. And maybe that's a good thing. If only because what is done is done from the heart and not from interests of the pocket. But we also have to swim in the ocean of reality. The one each of us knows demands of us not just our hearts and souls but our blood. Metaphorically. Even I cannot exist without basic needs. And ASAP cannot either.

We are on a strange mission no doubt about it. Helping Pedophiles? Who's bright idea was that? Actually it was a YOUR idea. If you are here reading this, I know you understand and agree with us. When a pedophile is non-offending then no abuse ever exists. Right? So let us work together and make sure the non-offending pedophile/MAP has everything they need to remain non-offending. And qualified mental healthcare is a very good place to start.

Although we do not have paid staff - 100% volunteer only - your donations are needed to provider those materials and operating expenses we require to get the work done.

More is great but small donations of $5 or $10 are very much appreciated as well. We don't have paid staff at ASAP, all the work is done by volunteers.

Please follow this link to go and donate what you can to help support ASAP.

Love and Peace,

Robert Hillman
President and Director - ASAP International

Rememberyou don't ever have to hurt a child

ASAP can help you with a number of options to help you not offend