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*Please remember that we are an under-funded, exclusively volunteer, organization and although we try to the best we can we cannot man the phones 24/7. Please please remember to leave us a message and we promise to get back to ASAP.

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ASAP wants to educate the public and the media of its revolutionary and yes, to some, controversial, child sexual abuse prevention program.


We support all kinds of research projects all over the world. There is way too little research on a population that is extremely underestimated. All this to detriment of the children, our non-offending MAP clients and to society. But the good news is everyday more and more bright young scientists and mental health professional are doing more fact based, non-judgmental research.

A portion of our staff and our entire client base are non-offending pedophiles/MAPs. ASAP is willing to post requests for volunteers for legitimate, public health and safety research and to help such endeavors in any way possible.