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customizable PROvider PROfiles

PROvider PROfiles

Customize exactly how your listing displays in ASAP Provider database search results

ASAP was established to help non-offending pedophiles/MAPs find qualified, professional Mental Health Care Providers. We believe this is a responsible method of preventing childhood sexual abuse.

Happy Mentally Healthy "People" do not hurt little children. Period.

While protecting children is the core mission of ASAP we also understand the non-offending pedophile/MAP remains a widely misunderstood subject for much of the public. So it is also our job to protect our listed providers from possible collatorial stigmatization and even disruption and harassment just because they have chosen to treat non-offending pedophiles

ASAP is aware that MHC providers treating pedophiles/pedophilia sometimes have reasons to keep the fact that they practice in these sensitive areas out of the general public scrutiny. At the same time these MHC providers want to be accessible to the clients they want to serve. Then considering the way non-offending MAPs often have to seek mental healthcare differently than the rest of the public. This can be for multiple reason not the least of which is it can be dangerous for a non-offending pedophile/MAP to approach usqualified MHC providers due to mandatory reporting laws which our not always understood correctly by unqualified therapists.

To help address these issues, and to facilitate MHC provider refferals, ASAP is building new tools for our ASAP qualified providers for them to manage their own profiles and exactly as they want.

You are in Control of your ASAP MHC PROvider PROfile

Designed for Descretion

ASAP understands the sensitivity of the subject and also how not everyone else does. Our MHC providers sometimes have reasons to keep the fact that they treat pedophiles/MAPs out of the general public's scutiny.

Easily customize your ASAP MHC provider profile and only show what information you want to show and hide what you don't.

Easy to Use Tools

Login to your very own portal and use our Provider Profile tools to manage the exact level of descretion you want for your practice's profile on ASAP.

You can choose to display to the public all the information in your practices Provider Profile. Or, you can select for ASAP to not show any of your contact info. Or... you can customize your profile - to cherry pick - the information we display to the general public. It only takes minutes to setup your Provider Profile.

ASAP Vetted Clients->Patients

What happens if your listing in our database - your Provider Profile - descretion settings are customized not to show your practice's contact info? In these cases the client searching our database will see a blank notice that will say that there are providers in their search parameters but the client needs to call ASAP for more information. And when a referral call comes in, an ASAP staff member will politely vet the caller to see if the inquiry is genuine and not from disrupting third parties.

Cost to MHC Providers


Cost ASAP Clients


ASAP is a non-profit organization which is solely run on the hard work of our volunteers, and your donations. The Helpline and the database are manned and managed by these amazing people to help prevent childhood sexual trauma and to help non-offending pedophiles live happy, long, fulfilling lives while being celebate from their sexual orientation. You donations keeps us available to our - and your - clients.

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Do It Yourself - just go to the PROvider PROfile login page and use your username and password to sign in. Login Page

Don't remember your password? Just reset your password by using the email address we have on your account. If you cannot remember the email address then just give us a call and we will help you login.


Do It For Me - contact us and a staff member will setup and manage your PROvider PROfile for you.

Helpline: (567) 233-1954

Support: support@asapinternational.org

Our Mission

By recognizing that non-offending or virtuous pedophiles are not enemies but instead important allies in the challenge to prevent childhood sexual abuse we finally can see a means to an end. Not all but some MAPs seek help to stay healthy and non-offending and if we truly care about childhood sexual abuse prevention then is it not of paramount interest to help them in any way we can? ASAP has no prejudice against pedophiles and other MAPs whatssoever in fact its current active staff consists of VPs/VMAPs as well as persons of other sexual orientations. Helping non-offending pedophiles and defending children from sexual abuse is a partnership that is long overdue. Only society's vilification of pedophiles and disdain for the subject matter is preventing us from success. ASAP is dedicated to putting the impediments behind us and to continue forward motion.

non-offending pedophiles/MAPs

Important Note:

ASAP does not control how these therapists work.

All therapists use different approaches and techniques. There is not enough research with non-offending pedophiles to know which ones are most effective.