ASAP Helpline

Anonymous help on-call 24/7

The ASAP Helpline

If you believe you are in imminent threat of harming yourself or someone else please call your local emergency room. Find Emergency Rooms Near Me

  • For support with any urgent trouble regarding being a non-offending pedophile call the anonymous ASAP Helpline 24/7
  • All other inquiries including information regarding therapist provider referral please call between 8am and 8pm EST

*ASAP will never ask for any personal information and none is required. All ASAP staff are non-mandatory reporters.

Please Support Us

The Helpline is staffed 100% by volunteers but we do need your support for infrastructure and operational costs. Please Dontate To ASAP

Term: VirPed - contraction
for Virtuous + Pedophiles

An organization that defines pedophilia by demonstrating that the majority of pedophiles do not molest children and provides the Guiding Principles for all virtuous pedophiles to live by. VirPeds provides practical peer support for virtuous - or non-offending - pedophiles while also acting as an information clearinghouse on a matter that effects everyone on this planet.