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You don't need a PayPal account any card will work. It is easy, fast and you can even setup monthly recurring donations if you like

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Of course, the simple ways are still find with us. Just refer to our contact page for information how to get in touch with us and for our address.

With Compassion and Reason We Can End pedophiles and pedophilia as a source of child sexual abuse going forth and forever

I know it sounds incredible, unbelievable but it is absolutely possible. When we treat MAPs (minor attracted people) as humans, give them what they need to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives celibate from their sexual orientation, we are saving untold children from horrors of sexual abuse.

But, we cannot do it without your help. We are doing what we can with volunteers and shoestring budgets but we can DO A LOT MORE. Please Help.

Rememberyou don't ever have to hurt a child

ASAP can help you with a number of options to help you not offend